Dutch government to set up international abortion fund, to counteract Donald Trump’s aid ban

Lilianne Ploumen (Getty)

Dutch minister Lilanne Ploumen has proposed a fund in the Netherlands to help women’s health charities in a bid to undercut the recently reinstated ‘Mexico City Policy’ under Trump

Independent – The Netherlands is seeking to set up an overseas abortion fund to counteract Donald Trump’s recent ban against funding international groups which give women information about terminations.

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen for the Dutch government has announced she intends to establish an international fund which would finance projects relating to access for birth control, abortion and women’s education, throughout developing countries.

Ms Ploumen announced the plan in reaction to an extensive memorandum signed by Mr Trump to restrict access to information on abortion for women who are in receipt of aid from international development groups.

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