2024, február22, csütörtök

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András Bozóki: Neighbors Respond to the Russian Attack on Ukraine II

We are in the last five weeks of the campaign before the national elections are due on April 3, widely monitored by international observers. The opposition stands firmly by Ukraine and declares that Putin is Orbán’s best friend—so anyone who votes for Orbán is voting for Putin. In return the Orbán camp presents itself as the party of peace-lovers vis-a-vis the “irresponsible” opposition who would allegedly risk the lives of young Hungarians in a war to defend Zhelenskyy and the Ukrainians. This is another manipulative element of government propaganda, because no political actor supports war in Hungary.

Did Gorka Greenlight Hungary's Move Against University?

Elmélkedés arról, hogy köze van-e Gorkának a CEU elleni lépésekhez? Angol nyelven.

America first! – Hungary third?

Trump kijelentését követően (Amerika az első!) a világ egyes országai némi szarkazmussal pozicionálták magukat.

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