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KezdőlapKultúraHungarian Researcher Following Western Trends Early in Career

Hungarian Researcher Following Western Trends Early in Career


At present, the image existing of Hungarian universities in Western Europe and the United States of America is not the most favorable one. This puts early career researchers in a difficult position when trying to advance professionally. There are, however, several enthusiastic and active researchers who, through their perseverance can deliver new results and fantastic accomplishments across continents.

Martin Zsarnoczky, Ph.D., associate professor of a Hungarian private university (Kodolányi János University) has recently acquired numerous prestigious awards, which gives proof of great willpower and hard driven work ethic. This September, the research and results regarding the life quality and well-being of the elderly of Dr. Zsarnoczky has been chosen by the European Commission as one of the best ones out of more than 10000 applications. The event organized by the European Commission, European Week of Regions and Cities, is the biggest and most high-level event in Brussels. The one-week long event hosted 6000 experts, 150 workshops and next to the professional officers forums, the TOP 30 MASTERCLASS program, where Dr. Zsarnoczky got to present his results, followed by questions from EP members regarding the presentation.

The Hungarian community of New York has also gotten a chance to know a new and unique study, which focuses on different generations’ and locals’ well-being and touristic habits. The study is currently in its half-time and would like to incorporate as many age groups as possible. In today’s fast-paced world it is important for the work hours invested in results to be recognized. The personal commitment to research has paid off in America as well, the New York Hungarian Scientific Society has awarded Dr. Zsarnoczky’s work and the results reached by him. The early career researcher has been asked to give a speech and presentation at the 4th Annual Fundraising Gala and Dinner of the New York Hungarian Scientific Society in December. After this, the researcher has been elected member of the before mentioned society.

Besides everyday tasks, one of the biggest achievements of Dr. Zsarnoczky is the collaboration program with Boston University. During the program, American university students have visited Hungary in order to develop an assignment through which they have taken part in the development of an international concept for the assisted elderly. The work, which has ended in December, has focused on the development of a complex improvement plan of a Hungarian town and possibilities through which it can be introduced to the American market. During the assignment in international cooperation, four different concepts of a full university class have been developed, where European and American thinking have approached each other.

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